Use Rules



1. No activity shall last after 11:00 p.m. Clean up and doors locked by 11:30 p.m. Exceptions must be approved in advance. Users shall secure the building after use by properly locking the doors, closing windows, and turning off lights and appliances.

2. No space shall be available for rental to commercial ventures.

3. The ENTIRE BUILDING is designated NO SMOKING. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES and GAMBLING are PROHIBITED. The use of intoxicants, drugs, or disorderly conduct on Township property is prohibited and shall result in immediate eviction and loss of deposit.

4. Use of special equipment (electrical, mechanical, etc.) must be approved in advance. Facilities and all equipment to be used must be listed on the application.

5. Candles are prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS!

6. No tacks, adhesive materials, poster putty, stick-tack, or tape on the walls, woodwork or ceiling.


7. Red punch is PROHIBITED. (It stains the carpet.)

8. Park on lot only not on lawn surfaces. CARS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE ON LAWN TO CIRCLE THE BUILDING.. Cost associated will be assessed to the renter. Damages will be assessed accordingly.

9. Children must be supervised, inside and outside, at all times.

10. No pets are allowed on the premises.

11. Pick up and prompt return of the key must be done in the Clerk's office during normal office hours.

12. Users are responsible for any clean-up necessary to return the rooms, rest rooms, and hall to their original conditions. All garbage shall be collected into trash bags and disposed of into the trash receptacle located outside the north door of the Community room.

13. Users must provide their own dishes, table service, and table paper.

14. Should repair or extra cleaning be required, the cost of cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit with a minimum deduction being $50.00. Lost key will result in loss of entire deposit.

15. Seating capacity: Chairs only-120 Chair and tables-100

16. RATES: Meeting Room Kitchen Deposit Wedding Reception

Resident $ 150.00 included $100.00 $200.00 deposit

Non-Resident $ 225.00 included $100.00

Rental rates shall be paid upon receipt of reservation. Make checks payable to ODESSA TOWNSHIP. Deposits are due when key is picked up. Deposit will be returned when key is returned and building has been inspected for damages.

Odessa Township, 3862 Laurel Drive, PO Box 575, Lake Odessa, MI 48849 616-374-4237 Fax 616-374-4257

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY- Dial 9 (for an outside line), then 911.

Township Officials can be reached at home by calling

Clerk, Lisa Williams 616-374-7338

Treasurer, Sharon Rohrbacher 616-374-8489

(Adopted June 4, 2018)