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Second Monday in March. Second meeting of the township Board of Review, which must start not earlier than 9 a.m. and not later that 3 p.m. (MCL 211.30) Board of review must meet one additional day during this week. Note: The March Board of Review has no authority over homeowner’s principal residence exemptions.

Every board of review shall hold at least three hours of its required sessions during the week of the second Monday in March after 6 p.m. The township may authorize an alternative starting date for the second meeting of the March Board of Review on either the Tuesday or Wednesday following the second Monday in March.

Tuesday following the second Monday in December. Special Board of Review meeting may be convened by assessing officer to correct qualified errors. Corrections can be made to the current or previous year’s assessment. (MCL 211.53b)


Gary P. Secor

616-374-4237 ext.12

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616-374-4237 ext. 12